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Tented Camps

1.Tented Camps

These are permanent or semi-permanent camps, normally situated in areas of excellent game viewing. The Camps provide many of the comforts of a lodge within private, spacious canvas tents. They are often constructed on a solid base with beds, private bathrooms, and good quality meals that are prepared for you and served in a designated tent. The appeal of these camps and ‘safari tents’ is that you can experience sleeping under canvas in the wilderness, whilst still maintaining a high level of comfort.

The Camps are not fenced. Wild animals can and do wander through, sometimes stopping to graze. There are always guards at the Camps to walk you to and from your tent once it gets dark, and as far as we know, the staff have not taught the animals how to unzip a heavy canvas tent! Laying in bed listening to the sounds of a giraffe munching on a nearby acacia tree, lions roaring, or zebra eating the grass outside of your tent can initially cause accelerated heartbeats, but it is exhilarating, and unquestionably adds to your safari experience.

Tented Camps in Tanzania Safari fall into two main categories:

Permanent Tented Camps: These camps feature ‘tents’ that enjoy a fixed position throughout the year. You will often find features like raised decking, outdoor dining areas and occasionally, a swimming pool. Permanent tented camps range from rustic to ultra-luxury and you will definitely be able to find one that fits with your preferences / budget.

Mobile / Semi-permanent Tented Camps: You will normally find these in the Serengeti. The main difference with these camps is that the location of the Camp moves, depending on different factors (normally the location of the Great Migration). For example, Mobile Camps in the Northern Serengeti may only be there from June to November. The Camp may then move to Ndutu / Southern Serengeti from December to April. This fits with the movement of the Great Migration and allows access to the best wildlife viewing.

The facilities and levels of comfort at Tented Camps is normally a reflection on the accommodation provider / Company, rather than the category of Tented Camp i.e. Permanent or Mobile. The facilities and prices of Tented Camps vary greatly, so please do speak to your  Safari Planner about your preferences / budget.

Your Safari Planner will be happy to help you plan an itinerary with similar accommodations, or we can ‘mix’n’match’ different categories of accommodation to match your preferences.

2. Basic Camping Safaris (Tents on the ground)

On a basic camping safari, guests sleep in small private tents in designated campsites in or near National Parks. You sleep inside a sleeping bag on a roll up mattress. Our safari crew sets up the camp every evening and prepares all your meals. Facilities at the campsites are basic. They include shared washrooms and showers.

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