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Spice Tour & Jozani Forest in zanzibar

Spice Tour & Jozani Forest A popular half-day activity is to tour a spice plantation to see, smell, taste, and learn about the uses of the many different spices grown on the island. As part of the tour, you may visit the ancient ruins of the Sultans’ country palace, the Persian baths built for the wife of one of the 19th century rulers, and see a beachfront shop where craftsmen build traditional sailing dhows using methods handed down for generations. A longer tour can include a trip to the village of Mwangapwani to explore an underground coral cave and ancient slave chambers; a trip to the Jozani Forest Reserve for a pleasant walk and opportunity to spot the red colobus monkey, found nowhere else in the world; or a visit to a distinctive mangrove swamp, nature’s protection against beach erosion.