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Swimming with Dolphins in Zanzibar

The most common place to swim with dolphins is off the village of Kizimkazi on the southwest coast of Zanzibar, where the animals can be seen most days. Kizimkazi is a little village on the southern shores of Zanzibar where dolphins are particularly active and the locals have formed a deep bond with the ocean. The water surrounding this part of the island is known as Menai Bay and is frequented by two very distinct dolphin species: the bottlenose dolphin and Indo-Pacific humpbacked dolphin. Their presence has helped form a dolphin tourism industry that has become the heart and soul of an otherwise obscure fishing village. However, the dolphin tourism industry in Kizimkazi is also mired by irresponsible tourism that is causing the dolphins to move further away from their gathering grounds and has many wondering where the ethical boundaries are and whether they have been crossed.