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Chumbe Island Zanzibar

Chumbe Island Coral Park (CHICOP) is an award-winning private nature park, 13 km Southwest of Zanzibar. The Park was developed in 1991 when the formerly uninhabited Chumbe Island was recognised to be one of the last pristine coral islands in the region. The reserve now includes a fully protected coral reef sanctuary, forest reserve, education centre and state of the art ecolodge, designed to have zero impact on the environment. The spectacular coral reef is home to 90% of East Africa’s hard coral species and400 reef fish species. Wildlife on and around the island includes the coconut crab, green turtle, Ader’s duiker and humpback Whale. At the heart of the Park stands the small island itself and here you will find the remarkable Chumbe Island Lodge. It is trail-blazing example of a lodge that is genuinely ecologically sensitive. Many of Chumbe’s activities are included in the cost of staying here and all are led by resident guides. Most focus on the island’s ecology. Escorted forest walks look at the island’s geology, flora and fauna. On Chumbe’s beaches, walks explore the rich inter-tidal zone and then further into the sea, guides who know the reefs around the island lead snorkeling trips (SCUBA diving is not allowed). The reefs around Chumbe are one of the most impressive coral gardens off the coast of Africa.