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Northern Zanzibar

The Northern part of Zanzibar is known for its vibrant beach life, bars and restaurants and spectacular beaches. Zanzibar’s northern cape is peppered with sandy coves, each with iconic palm trees and glittering turquoise waves. Centered on the neighboring villages of Nungwi and Kendwa, this is Zanzibar’s most lively location. Once the heart of the island’s dhow-building industry, the ramshackle fishing villages of the north are steeped in tradition and nautical heritage. Impressive dhows are still hand-crafted on the beach, but sunbathers, dive schools, mukuti-thatched restaurants and wandering curio sellers are more common beach sights these days. Accommodation ranges from simple cottages to exclusive private villas and chic resort complexes. Bustling beachfront activity and vibrant nightlife dominate. Trendy rooftop bars and candlelit restaurants sit alongside rustic, feet-in-the-sand barbeque shacks. By day, relax on a poolside lounger, enjoy a local beach massage, swim in the sea (possible all day long here, unlike the East Coast), dive the nearby coral reefs, kayak to Tumbatu Island or perhaps visit the small turtle sanctuary. And as the sun sets, sip tropical cocktails, watch beach bonfires flicker alive and enjoy fabulous local seafood dinners, or at full moon, prepare for the spectacle of energetic beach parties!